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Mental Trap

Mental Trap
Mental Trap is a real-life Adventure Game at Glowing Greens in Beaverton. Find clues & unlock a series of rooms to solve the puzzle before you run out of time.


Haunting Productions, LLC is a family owned and operated company based out of the Portland metro area. We are expanding and seeking opportunities to take part in seasonal productions or year around fun. Please email us or call 503-222-5554 to discuss your project and event details.

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13th Door Haunted House Portland Oregon The 13th Door Haunted House is our seasonal Halloween attraction that has been providing scares to residents all across Oregon and the United States. In 2002, Haunting Productions created the original 13th Door seasonal Haunted House in an old haunted theater at the Washington Square Mall with the goal of designing the Northwest’s best and scariest haunted attraction. In 2007, the 13th Door relocated to the Washington County Fairgrounds. In 2009, the 13th Door moved to the West Slope area off of Canyon Road. In 2010, Haunting Productions produced a one-time special event with a second haunted attraction in Bend, Oregon. In 2012, we began looking for the perfect location to expand into a bigger and better building.


Glowing Greens Blacklight Adventures Miniature Golf Portland OregonGlowing Greens Blacklight Adventures Miniature Golf is Portland and Beaverton’s premier, black light, indoor, 18 hole, 3-D Adventure miniature golf course. In 2007, Haunting Productions expanded its vision with the introduction of Glowing Greens Island Adventures pirate-themed miniature golf course. Located in the heart of downtown Portland, Glowing Greens’ 10,000 square foot, 18 hole course offers year round entertainment with a fun and memorable atmosphere. In 2012, we began looking for the perfect location to expand into a bigger and better building.


This past year, Haunting Productions has been extensively searching for the perfect location to expand into a bigger and better building. This year, Haunting Productions has secured a long term lease at 3855 SW Murray Boulevard to establish our second Glowing Greens Alien Adventure themed, indoor, black light, miniature golf course. Conveniently located in the heart of Beaverton, Glowing Greens Alien Adventures will immerse you in a surreal world of cosmic inhabitants and out of this universe artwork and effects. In addition, this building will serve as the NEW home for the 13th Door seasonal Haunted Attraction. Elaborate movie style sets, dedicated and skilled cast members, outstanding special effects makeup and high end animatronics will provide a screaming performance that guests will remember for a lifetime.